Science, Religion and the Future I: Thoughts on a New Wilmette Institute Class

Science, Religion and the Future I: Thoughts on a New Wilmette Institute Class

logo2000“In such a world society, science and religion, the two most potent forces in human life, will be reconciled, will cooperate, and will harmoniously develop.” Shoghi Effendi, The World Order of Baha’u’llah, p. 203)

Dear Friends:

We invite you to join us for the upcoming Wilmette Institute Online Course on Science, Religion, and Creating the Future. It carries forward the spirit of the Common Ground website.

The course explores the ancient/new paradigm of the oneness of science and religion proclaimed by the Bahá’í Faith and like-minded people around the world. It reviews the ongoing discussions about science and religion in our broader society, discusses how to “plug in” to those discussions in new and productive ways, explores the teachings of the Baha’i Faith and the world’s religions about science, delves into the important roles that consultation, community building, and the culture of learning play in creating a just and prosperous world society, and shares the excitement that the Baha’i teachings bring to an engagement with science and religion – “the two most potent forces in human life”.

The course starts on Nov. 10th and runs through Dec. 31st, is for all backgrounds.  It costs $80 – $100 if you go “solo” or $60 each if you go in groups of six or more. The course faculty members are Lisa Ortuno ( and Stephen Friberg (

For course details and how to register, see the advertisement below (and click on the hyperlinks!).

image002An exciting new course about science and religion!
Science, Religion, and the Future: Creating a New Discourse
November 10 – December 31, 2013 (7 weeks)
Faculty: Stephen Friberg, Lisa Ortuno

Wilm2* Prepare to discuss the crucial relationship between science and religion with your friends!
* What is science? What is religion? What is their relationship?
* How do the Bahá’í Faith and other religions approach science and religion, and how do they relate them to civilization building?
* Discuss evolution and new atheism from Christian and non-Christian perspectives
* Discover places and ways to discuss the relationship between science and religion
* Develop ways to write about science and religion

Click here to Learn More About This Course, Fees Study Schedule, Registering, and Financial Aid.

Fees: $80 for seniors, pioneers, and students; $100 for all other individuals; $240 for groups of up to six. 10% discount for registering by October 15. Plenty of scholarships are available; email us at

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