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Jun 20

Why Religion 9: Ignorance is Bliss?

Evam glass

  Greater than the senses is the mind. Greater than the mind is buddhi, reason; and greater than reason is He—the Spirit in man and in all. — Krishna, Bhagavad Gita 3:42 Religion, so the story goes, encourages shallow thinking. It keeps us from having to deeply contemplate life, the universe and everything. Some of …

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May 23

Why Religion 8: Will Wonders Never Cease


Some secular thinkers have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to convince religious people that science is more awe-inspiring than God or faith. Why aren’t we capable of appreciating the awesomeness of the Universe, they wonder? Is it the manmade ritual and imaginary miracles that we find exciting? This was …

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May 16

Why Religion 7: The Identity Thing

As with mostly strongly held beliefs or formative influences, religion is part of a believer’s identity. Some people seem to find that peculiar or irrational or just plain incomprehensible. But how peculiar is it really, when one considers all of the things we humans attach our identity to: jobs, professions, gender, sexual orientation, skin color, …

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May 02

Why Religion 6: God of the Month Club

Some folks suppose that religion is, to all (or at least most) religionists, a social club, or a means of maintaining social status. Intelligent politicians and clergymen (yes, some will complain those are oxymorons) are especially suspected of not really believing, but only claiming to believe for the sake of political position. I’ve read numerous …

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Apr 17

Why Religion 5: Linus van Pelt and the Great Blanket

This philosophy suggests that religion is a security blanket. Religious people have Linus van Pelt’s disease and are unable to give up their blankies and join the adults. The reason religious folks cling to their beliefs, this viewpoint asserts, is merely for the comfort and meaning it brings to their lives. That’s the basic belief …

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Apr 11

Why Religion 4: Pie in the Sky By and By…


A recurring theme I hear in the commentary and conversation of some anti-theists is that religion is not about life on earth in the here and now, but focuses its entire attention on the afterlife. This, it is supposed, leads to the belief among the majority of believers that nothing we do here matters and …

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Mar 21

Why Religion 3: An Express Train to Valhalla

I often come across the assumption that I view my religion as a vehicle—the express train to Valhalla. This scenario proposes that I am concerned chiefly with my personal salvation and am obedient to the laws of my faith for that reason alone. To be fair, there are believers who are chiefly concerned with their …

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Mar 14

Why Religion 2: Religion as Accessory

Last time, I gave an overview of a number of secular views of religion that I’ve encountered in my travels. I’d like to poke at these ideas a bit in the hope of maybe increasing understanding among both religious and secularist readers. Those of you who are religious, I’m hoping, might have an aha moment …

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Mar 07

Why Religion?

I, and many folks I know who would describe themselves as religious (aka, a person of faith, or spiritual) are puzzled by the reactions to religion by some of our secularist and atheist acquaintances. It’s not that we don’t grok people’s disgust with the things that have been done in the name of religion. We …

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Jan 23

Religion, Science, and Global Civilization #14: Baha’i Views on Why Religion Needs Science

hamlet and skull

“The task of humanity…is to create a global civilization which embodies both the spiritual and material dimensions of existence.” The Universal House of Justice Jan 22, 2012. We don’t usually think of science as playing a role in religion. This is because – I think – we are so strongly influenced by the secular spirit …

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