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  1. My name is Corrado Ghinamo and I write from Italy. I received a doctor’s degree in electronic engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin and I work for an international company as the organizational development manager.

    I am contributing to the BioLogos Foundation, founded by Dr. Francis Collins, making the Italian translations of the section “The Questions” (http://biologos.org/questions/itl).

    My passion for physics, astronomy and natural sciences, together with my Christian faith, led me to become a published author here in Italy.

    My new book about science and faith—”The Beautiful Scientist”—will be published also in the USA, at the beginning of February 2013 (please visit http://thebeautifulscientist.tateauthor.com)

    I think that science and faith are not antithetic. The same for creation and evolution. But so many people think they are.
    In my book I try to explain how scientific knowledge and rationality can even lead to the belief in God.
    Science can be a strong basis for faith, and God existence is the most plausible and logical answer.
    A God that created this wonderful universe by means of physical laws and the evolution process. A God that is so mighty to be able to create life from the absence of life.

    I would like to ask your permission to send you a copy of my book for review.

    Thank you very much.
    Corrado Ghinamo

    The Beautiful Scientist by Corrado Ghinamo | ISBN # 978-1-62147-462-3 | Tate Publishing
    Author website: http://thebeautifulscientist.tateauthor.com
    BOOK TRAILER (as shown on TV): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEAW819JKe0

    1. Dear Corrado:

      We would love to review your book on our website – and be honored to do so. I’ll contact you through your e-mail address.

      Stephen Friber

  2. Hello Stephen,

    My book, “Universal Logic: A Quest for the Ultimate Meaning of Life,” which is being offered for FREE on April 21 and 22 on Amazon, provides a unique perspective on religion and science finding mutual ground and expounds upon it in great detail throughout. Book is very pluralistic and utilizes philosophical, scientific, metaphysical, and religious insights to interpret the meaning of life and consciousness, from the microscopic to the macroscopic and beyond. I also provide various scientific and natural interpretations for such unexplained phenomena as ghosts, the sixth sense, the soul (as a unique quantum signature that acts similar to a radio signal), and more. It bridges the gap between science and religion using logical, common sense principles.

    My hope is that the book will gain popularity and people will view it as a guide to embrace our differences rather than combating them. I’m more concerned with the message of the book than I am making a buck. Amazon does not let me give it away though and I only get 5 days of free promotions during their 90 day period. It is the first publication of its kind that provides a scientific explanation for many aspects of religion and metaphysics. After all, we all live on this planet and in this Universe in a mutual togetherness. It’s about time we incorporate those differences to live together in peace and harmony.

    The book is very scientific and complex, but I make it as easy as possible for the average person to follow. With your credentials, I’m certain you’ll have no problem grasping the overall message. All sources are cited and I even provide an extensive glossary and index.

    If you like, I can forward you a full copy in PDF format for you to review.

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