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Author: David Workman

The Evolution of God

The Evolution of God

David Workman

Guest blog by David Workman David is a veteran of the Video Broadcast industry with over 25 years experience.  Mr. Workman worked at Microsoft Corporation for the last nine years of his career, managing various teams in the Windows Media division.  Recently, he has  been a speaker for various humanist organizations.  His blog can be found at (

I love evolution.

Just as biological evolution creates new species, information and knowledge and technologies also evolve – and in a very similar manner. Take the microprocessor that is running the computer on which I’m writing this article, for example.  The electronic microprocessor isn’t the brainchild of a single brilliant engineer who just created it one day, without any prior information or knowledge. All modern processors are evolutionary offshoots of the Intel 4004, introduced in 1971. It was a huge breakthrough, but that milestone could never have come about without the invention of the transistor and the many simpler integrated circuits before it; and the core processing logic is built upon the mechanical and vacuum tube computers which evolved over the fifty years before that. None of these would have been possible without a working knowledge of electricity, magnetism, chemistry, and physics – the secrets of which have been slowly uncovered, bit by bit, for hundreds (thousands!) of years.

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