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Author Topic: Religion: Opiate for the gullible, the stupid and the uneducated.
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Post Religion: Opiate for the gullible, the stupid and the uneducated.
on: September 7, 2012, 13:27

Here is an interesting opinion peace backed up by mythological statistics. Believe it or not, this is representative of much of the dialogue on New Atheist talk sites.

Stephen Friberg [2012-09-07]

The site is at

Religion: Opiate for the gullible, the stupid and the uneducated.
07 September 2012, 15:00

It is becoming a real bore having to correct/educate every bubbling believer new to the forum, attempting to punt “science” or “a great number of scientists” as proving and supporting their religious cause. Either they don’t have the facts or are simply lying in support of their dogma. Even worse are the pretenders offering quote mined arguments or statements from unknown, discredited or outdated “scientists” in support of their claims, often offering an article or opinion expressed by someone in a magazine or web page as “fresh evidence” disproving long established scientific fact. Or attempting to discredit science based on the delusional and juvenile belief that “disproving” science would somehow “prove” or lend credibility to their unproven and un-provable dogma.

Without going into the merits of individual arguments, I am simply setting the record straight as to what the statistical position with regards to science is.

93% of the prestigious and authoritative American Academy of Scientists are non-believers.

There are a number surveys which back up these figures.

Statistics for the US General population show that less than 2% are atheists and that 15% claim no religion.

There are also a number of other surveys confirming these figure

These statistics show beyond doubt, that with 93% of US scientists rejecting religious dogma and with 85% of the general population supporting religious dogma or some form of belief, that religion is a primitive dogma NOT supported by science, but supported and spread by the scientifically uneducated, the stupid and the gullible.

It is therefore clear that anyone claiming “scientific” or “massive” scientific support for their religious dogma or position is ignorant, lying, or both. These “arguments” are propagated by a tiny percentage of pretentious nobodies in the scientific world, or laymen pretending to be scientists who in turn are promoted loudly by themselves, clerics and their scientifically uneducated supporters.

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Post Re: Religion: Opiate for the gullible, the stupid and the uneducated.
on: September 11, 2012, 12:17

So, Stephen, what's your commentary on this? The numbers seem to suggest then, that only about 20% of the American population have any sort of scientific literacy. Yet, I am reminded that no less a figure than Lord Kelvin had it that a deep study of science would lead one to a belief in God.

My own travels do not support he idea that atheists are inherently scientifically minded. I've encountered gross scientific misapprehensions on the part of atheists. Indeed, there are atheists who reject evolution (not sure what they'd replace it with) and who are racially bigoted based on some pseudo-scientific idea about racial purity.

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