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Author Topic: Science & God: Will Biology, Astronomy, Physics Rule Out Existence Of Deity?
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Post Science & God: Will Biology, Astronomy, Physics Rule Out Existence Of Deity?
on: September 21, 2012, 15:25

Huff Post has a new piece about a physicist at - Sean Carroll, a theoretical cosmologist at the California Institute of Technology - who thinks that science rules out God. With 8000 comments, it's a very, very popular post. The writer - Natalie Wolchover - doesn't fully buy it.

I get very, very frustrated when I see an argument so poorly informed. Carrol assumes - as few do who know much about religion - that all religion is of the creationist type (i.e, that it assumes that God had to intervene in the laws of nature to explain things. No, no, no! That is a straw horse argument! Yes, creationists and new atheists believe that, but it is not what the great religions teach.

The post is at

Here is a quote:

Another role for God is as a raison d'être for the universe. Even if cosmologists manage to explain how the universe began, and why it seems so fine-tuned for life, the question might remain why there is something as opposed to nothing. To many people, the answer to the question is God. According to Carroll, this answer pales under scrutiny. There can be no answer to such a question, he says.

"Most scientists … suspect that the search for ultimate explanations eventually terminates in some final theory of the world, along with the phrase 'and that's just how it is,'" Carroll wrote. People who find this unsatisfying are failing to treat the entire universe as something unique — "something for which a different set of standards is appropriate." A complete scientific theory that accounts for everything in the universe doesn't need an external explanation in the same way that specific things within the universe need external explanations. In fact, Carroll argues, wrapping another layer of explanation (i.e., God) around a self-contained theory of everything would just be an unnecessary complication. (The theory already works without God.)

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